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Warranties – What Are The Facts?


The issue of warranty on your printer, facsimile or photocopier is an important part of any purchase, and the type of warranty a company offers may affect the brand you purchase. Equally important is the subject of the consumables you will purchase as part of the day-to-day usage of your respective machine or machines. In fact in most cases the largest cost you will incur with your new machine during its lifetime is the combined cost of ink or toners. There have been instances of servicing technicians making statements to the affect that using remanufacturing product will void warranty, or their company will charge more if you use remanufactured product. The ACCC states the following: “If a part is non genuine, but is interchangeable with the genuine part, it can be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufacturers warranty” “If the non genuine parts fail and causes some other damage to the machine, the company holding the warranty will not be liable for the damage caused by failure of that part” In other words you have a choice on the product you purchase, whether this is genuine or remanufactured your warranty is not voided, and statements designed to create confusion and deception should not mislead you. To further support your needs, Cartridge World has a 100% Warranty that covers you should one of our remanufactured products create a problem. In the event you have a problem created by a Cartridge World product, contact your nearest Cartridge World, they will provide advice or a qualified service technician to address any issues – at no cost to you. If the seller or servicing agent insists that you only use genuine product in your machines, then you insist that they provide written confirmation to this affect. Remember you have a choice in the purchase of consumables, and that choice may save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars over the life of the machine.